Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank you!

WOW! We had a fantasitic celebration and fundraising dinner last Sunday evening. Good food (thanks Mikelle, Amanda, Barb and Mom for helping)and good turn out of family and friends. The silent auction was fun, especially the Hereim grandkids bidding against each other and the Hereim boys setting up friends to bid against their family! BIG thanks to all who donated items to auction and those who bid! We greatly appreciate your support working to raise the funds to bring our 3 sets of little hands home. We raised $$$ for our homestudy which we hope to have completed soon. Note: The auction item that went for the most $$$$ was Joe's handyman service...if I would have known, I would have had more options to bid on the handyman!
Our next fundraising endeavors are the Smoker Raffle, $5 tix gets you a chance to win the awesome Louisanna Grills smoker; our Gargage sale on May 7-8 (we'll take donations the end of April)and to pay for the kids travel home we're selling puzzle pieces, a 500 piece puzzle for each kid, pieces starting at $5 each. More info on fundraising to be posted soon.
Thanks again! Love you!

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